Founded in 2011, GÜRSCHACH (pronounced Ger-shock) seeks to create an unfamiliar, yet captivating experience for the listener.  The group blends metal, latin, sludge, progressive, punk, and jazz elements to create a new sound that they describe as DARK MATTER.  Their songs aim to defy the status quo of metal, as a lot of the material was conceived to stand against what a typical metal song would sound like.  You can expect to hear anything from harsh screaming, clean vocals, fast head smashing rhythms, slow droning sludge, crowd pleasing sing-alongs, and sanity destroying fringe sometimes all in the same song.  Fans of Metallica, Mastodon, and Buckethead will easily enjoy their material!  They deliver a high energy, no holds barred set, garnering them the attention to open with nationals acts like  Taipan, Psychostick, and Raven Black.  They have played in ten states, and they aim to be at a venue near you soon!  CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ABOUT THE BAND