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I can't remember the last time I lived

You wasted the love I was desperate to give

My soul's left to wither and all that remains

This exoskeleton that's beaten to grain

Why... must I suffer?

I... wish I could be tougher

Please... forgive me of sin

But tell me, if God loves me, why won't this end?

[Guitar solo: X]


Fed to survive, but deprived of a life

Long time ago, it flashed before my eyes

Senseless and tortured, my reason is pain

You are an angel, and I'm but a stain

Why... am I so ugly?

I... internally bleed

I... want to touch the sun

But if I deserve this, then what have I done?

[Guitar solo: X]


I have had it with this life

It's time to let it go

All the meaning has been drained

And there's nowhere left to go

So farewell to the living

And those I used to love

Oh mama! Mama!

I will join you from above!


Senses gone numb

Pulse is a drum

Could this be done?


Yes, I deny

First step to die

Fight and I fly

Mad at the Lord

Mad at the world

Madness unfurl


Tear through the fur

Bite at the flesh

Endlessly scream

Help me survive

Keep me alive

Just one last try


Praying won't work

Faith does not help

I can't turn back

Why is it me?

Why target me?

Why always me?


Why even try?

Just let me die

Turn my nose dry






I accept!

[Guitar solo: X]


Warm glow

A warm glow draws me in

Warm glow

Pulls me towards the light

Warm glow

A warm glow draws me in

Warm glow

Pulls me towards the light

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