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The Jokester

top 5 bands:

     Iron Maiden, Dream Theater, Joe Satriani, Nightwish, Lynyrd Skynyrd

top 5 movies:

     Saving Private Ryan, Pan's Labyrinth, Scary Movie, Halloween, Lord of the Rings

favorite drink:



"The World's Most Lovable Asshole™." Born in the Mt. Olympus of 'Murica: Kaufman, Texas. Just your typical southern ladies' man: loves hiking, cooking, animals, owns 107 guns, smokes the finest cigars, and firmly endorses kilts. Cursed with the group's highest alcohol tolerance, Leyland keeps the band organized and functional even at the worst of times, or as he puts it: Official Band Mom. If it weren't for him, the others would've been killed in an arena, or sold at auction to the lowest bidder.

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