Dark Matter (Audio CD)

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UPC: 888295 661768
Packaging type: Jewel case (w/ 12 page booklet)
Release date: December 1, 2017
Number of discs: 1
Runtime: 01:09:27
Limitation: 1000 copies

Product Description

The debut album, Dark Matter, on CD. Features the songs “Undead Empire”, “Innocent Blood”, and “What Do You Think This Is (A Game)”.

Track Listing

1. Undead Empire
2. Purest Momentum
3. Do It Yourself
4. Seriously, Do It Yourself
5. What Do You Think This Is (A Game)
6. Buried Under Insanity
7. Innocent Blood
8. The Night The Sky Rained Nukes
9. Köpfschtpökau
10. Germ

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